Terms and Conditions of DIXAN Contest
“We clean our seas.”

  1. The contest is carried out by the company GPM – Henkel Ltd (hereinafter the “Company”) and will last from 02/04/2021 at 12 p.m.  until 02/05/2021 at 12 a.m., inclusive.
  2. All the natural persons, being legal and permanent residents of Cyprus, having legal capacity and having reached the age of 18 years, are eligible to participate in the Contest, who will complete the contest participation form found on the website www.dixancolorcontest.com, hereinafter the “Site”, and provided that that they follow the contest instructions, as these are set out on the Site. The employees of GPM – Henkel Ltd as well as their relatives, by blood or by marriage, up to the second degree, as well as any other person associated with the organization of this Contest, are excluded.
    • Each participant is invited to upload a photo of his child’s drawing (a child of up to 12 years of age, whose participant is an official guardian) on the contest site, by following the instructions set out on the site. Each participant will be hereinafter referred to as “Parent”.
    • “The Parent” must keep the original drawing until the announcement of the winners, in order to deliver it to the Company provided that it is requested.
    • Each participant can upload more than one drawing photos.
    • Each drawing photo corresponds to one entry in the contest.
  3. A total of 15 winners will emerge from the contest, who will receive the following gifts:
    • Five winners will win one child bicycle each.
    • Ten winners (different from the top five) will win one 50 euro gift voucher, for purchases from Public, each.
    The drawing of one of the five winners, who will win a child bicycle, will be used to decorate Dixan’s limited edition packaging.
    The venue and the date of the gift delivery event will be agreed following consultation with the Company and will, in any event, be within the areas controlled by the Republic of Cyprus, in compliance with the Covid-19 regulations at the time.
    The date of the gift delivery event will be agreed following consultation with the Company and will, in any event, take place within 3 months from the date of announcing the winners by the Company.
  4. The prizes are specific and are offered in kind. They cannot be redeemed with money or/and be replaced/exchanged with another.
  5. The winners will emerge following a selection by a special committee to be appointed in advance by the Company. The photos of the drawings will be given anonymously to the committee for evaluation. In the event that it appears, at the final selection of the winners, that the said drawing belongs to a child, who has already been selected as one of the winners, then the selection of his second drawing is not taken into account and the process of re-evaluating the remaining entries continues, until 15 drawings of different children are selected. The selection of drawings, which belong to different children and have been submitted by the same parent, is considered valid.
    On the same day of selecting the winners and immediately after the selection of the 15 winners, five (5) alternates will be also selected, who will receive a contest prize in the order of their selection by the committee, should the facts of paragraph 10 below occur.
  6. The winners’ selection will be carried out at the offices of the company GPM – Henkel Ltd in the first week following the completion of the contest.
  7. A total of fifteen (15) winners will be selected:- One (1) big winner, who will win one bicycle, and his drawing will decorate the Dixan limited edition package
    • Four (4) winners, who will win one child bicycle each
    • Ten (10) winners, who will win one 50 euro gift voucher, for purchases from Public, each.
  8. The selected winners will be announced within ten (10) business days from the date of expiration of the contest. The winners will be invited to present their original drawing at the company’s offices after the announcement of the results (by post or in person). That is why it is important to keep the original drawing in good condition. Otherwise, the participation will be considered invalid.
  9. Each participant has the exclusive responsibility to fully and correctly complete and submit his data. Incomplete or incorrect or untrue completion of the participant’s data, entitles the Company to exclude him from the contest, without him having any claim over the prize.
  10. The parents of the winners will be notified by phone. In the event that the Company has failed to contact the selected winner parent or/and in the event that the parent refuses to accept the Prize or/and in the event of an irregular or/and void parent participation or/and non-response of the parent within five (5) business days from his notification, there is, then, no obligation on the Company to provide the Prize and the company will contact the immediately next alternate.
  11. The winners (parents and children) are obliged to participate in any public event of the organizer for the award of the prizes and their participation in this promotional act is their statement that they unreservedly consent to the organizer displaying the event, photographs depicting the participants, as well as the drawings, with which they participated in the contest, to the media, provided that the organizer so chooses. The organizer has the right to use the drawings for publication and advertising purposes.
  12. Participation in this promotional act is an unreserved acceptance of these terms of participation.
  13. Your data is confidential and will only be used for this particular contest. All your personal data will be kept for 2 months and will be subsequently deleted.
  14. The Company has the right to modify the terms of the contest or/and revoke the contest or/and extend or/and reduce the duration of the contest or/and transfer the date of the winners’ selection at its absolute discretion.
  15. Following the delivery of the Gift, the companies GPM – Henkel Ltd are discharged from any further liability and obligation towards the participants and the winners, the winners of this Contest maintaining no other demand or claim against the above companies, of a financial or other nature, within the context of this Contest.
  16. Despite the fact that GPM – Henkel Ltd is taking every appropriate and necessary measure to ensure the smooth running and operation of the Contest, errors may occur. In such an event, every possible effort will be made to mitigate, correct or/and eliminate them.
  17. GPM – Henkel Ltd respects and protects the personal data of the Participants in accordance with the General Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the Data Protection, the national law, as this applies from time to time, and any applicable national and European legislation, including the relevant guidelines and decisions of the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.